Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions:

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png Office hour from 0830 to 1700, except Saturday, Sunday & Holidays.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png Customer services hotline for Lifestyles Golf Cards.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png Full payment requirement for all purchase.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png For daily golfing booking, ticketing purchase & hotel reservation, collection 100% payment upon confirmation of booking.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png All Price quoted in US. Dollar (USD) or Vietnam Dongs (VND).

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png We accept payment by Cash and Credit/Debit/Charges/Local Bank Cards in VND- Vietnam Dongs Currency only.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png The user for Credit/Debit/Charges/Local Bank Cards payment transaction must follow the terms & conditions of VIETCOMBANK (www.vietcombank.com.vn) and TECHCOMBANK (www.techcombank.com.vn)

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png All Credit Card or Charges Card transaction will be additional 3% service charge for each payment amount.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png All products are not inclusive Insurance coverage, except Lifestyles Golf Card.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png All Tour Package are Not included Travel VISA & Travel Insurance/Golf Insurance or optional.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png Baggage’s, accident, medical, trip cancellation/interruption insurance highly recommended to obtain before your departure, passengers are requirement to have full travel insurance before departure.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png Transportation Services/booking/package: Standard daily use from 09:00 or early until 18:00 or maximum 800km per day. Additional time to be additional charges apply.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png Valid USGA Handicap required. Min-24 for men, min-36 for women.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png No rain check & Single supplement for buggy & caddies applicable for single golfer.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png Cancellation charges are calculated from the day the written notification is received by the company or agent as a percentage of the net total tour price as shown plus any surcharges (e.g. ticketed air sectors, other penalties imposed by suppliers such as hotels):    

  • Between 30 days and 21 days prior to departure: According to the costs incurred will be charged.
  • Between 20 days to 15 days prior to departure: 50% of package price.                                                  
  • Between 14 days to 8 days prior to departure: 75% of package price.                                    
  • 7 day prior to departure or no show: 100% of package price.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png All bookings are subject to golf courses and hotel/resort availability.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png Hotel reservation/booking through us, all guests must follow the hotel/resort standard policies or guideline when check-in.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png International hotels/resorts check-in time 15:00 & checkout time 12:00.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png Refunds will not be given for unused or cancelled services after the tour arrangements/event/tournament have commenced.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png Certain parts of the tours on offer are provided by independent third parties, such as airlines, hotels, transport operators and local tourist offices. therefore not responsible for any loss, injury or damage caused thereby to the tourists, including those occurring outside of the normal touring programmers. Additional expenses incurred due to delay, accident, natural disaster, political actions and unrest shall be borne by the tourists.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png We advise that due to frequent flight changes, delays and cancellations by the various domestic airlines and trains we cannot fully guarantee that the proposed itinerary can be carried out as planned. Based on our experience, changes of departure times and/ or cancellations can occur at very short notice even after confirmation of a flight has been received. The same applies for train travel: Schedule changes occur frequently; often without prior notification. In case of schedule changes or flight cancellations we always try everything possible to arrange an alternate programmed within the framework of the original quoted costs. However, we reserve the right to charge any cost exceeding the original budget to the tour operator/ travel agent or to the participant of a tour after consultation with the agent.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png Programmers, prices, services and conditions are based on those valid at the time of proposal submission and are subject to change thereafter without advance notice until all services have been paid in full.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png Please advise to leave valuable items (money, passport, credit cards, jewelers, sensitive documents, laptop computer, etc.) in the hotel safe. During excursions and round trips, personal belongings, especially money and valuables should NEVER be left on vehicles, even during short breaks, and carried around at all times. Our company is not responsible for any loss or theft.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png The usage of Lifestyles Golf Card is governed by JG Golf Vietnam JSC terms & conditions governing the usage of the Lifestyles Golf Card.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png All merchants discount/vouchers/privilege are subject to change without any prior notice.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png Usage of the Lifestyles Golf Card partner merchants must agree the supplier company terms of conditions

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png All retailing/quotation/selling prices are Not Inclusive of VAT (Vietnam -Value Added Tax).

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png All price quoted/list are subject to change without any prior notice.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png JG Golf logo and JG Lifestyles Golf Card is trademark ® protection and copyright © with all right reserved.

Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png***update: December, 2014***Description: http://www.intergolf.com.vn/images/162_copy_3.png